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Meet Gabriel


Gabriel Makinano was raised in the city of Antioch and has spent the last twenty years living in and seeing firsthand the changes and struggles those changes have brought to our community and its residents. He has a heart of integrity and is willing to put in the work to bring the changes to Antioch that are much needed to ensure all residents are valued and safe.

He is a father, husband, and friend that is well known in the community for being an image of change. As a formerly incarcerated individual, he has volunteered countless hours to mentoring youth, men, and women leaving incarceration. Moreover, Gabriel has worked closely with schools, families, local leaders, churches, and law enforcement to create long term solutions to the rise in gang- related crimes in the city of Antioch. Over the years, he has worked on the frontlines of the cease fire movement, unifying community and law enforcement to promote a safer environment for families in Antioch.Consequently, his first priority is public safety. In order to create a safe city, he is dedicated to working hard with community leaders, law enforcement agencies, and all residents. 

Gabriel is committed to seeking and securing resources to create a sustainable plan to combat homelessness, affordable housing, public safety, and an environment where local businesses can thrive. Gabriel believes that Antioch residents deserve real solutions to issues they and their neighbors face on a daily basis. Antioch deserves a mayor that will represent all peoples of our beautiful city, Gabriel Makinano, is that man. Vote Gabriel Makinano for mayor, for real change, real people, a real future!

Serving our community 

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