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Since Gabriel grew up in Antioch and is from Antioch, I believe that he knows the problem areas and the solutions that it's going to take to fix the problem. Vote for Gabriel Makinano for Antioch Mayor!



— Pastor Royal Corralejo

The right choices produce positive change. Makinano is the right choice!

— Golden Excellence Inc

Endorsed by:

— The Antioch Herald

Concerned Parents of CA supports legislators and candidates that value family rights, freedom of education, and health freedom. Gabriel Makinano is a mayoral candidate that embodies these values and is someone that CPOC PAC supports.

— Concerned Parents of CA

I have walked the streets of Antioch with Gabriel fighting to stop gun violence. He has been hard at work to heal our city. — Pastor Jose Rizo

I decided to volunteer for Candidate Makinano because his heart for the people of Antioch truly Inspires me. His belief in positive change and outlook on youth preservation shows me that he is ready to rebuild Antioch into a thriving community. His life experiences exemplify the broad range of transitions that Antioch is currently facing and he out of all the candidates can best relate to the population currently occupying the city.  — Porshe Taylor

I have had the privilege of serving with many people in my Christian faith, but it is rare to find someone with such, trustworthiness, passion, love, selfishness, and relentless desire to help your fellow man. Gabriel Makinano has the background, the front line hands on experience skills, and the vision we need in Antioch. His unselfish Love for our community is truly inspiring, I-have no Doubt Gabriel Makinano is the right candidate we need for a change in Antioch.

— Pastor Sandro Trujillo

Gabriel for Mayor Committee
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